I was lucky to grow up across from a large natural park. Memories of this experience inspire my art.  Water in the ponds with tiny frogs, mosses and lichens taking over all they can, and birds coveting the damp forest are pictures that continuously play in my mind.

My formative years began with pencils, charcoal, pencil crayon and watercolour as I explored subjects in great detail. Most recently, I explored flowers in gestural strokes with acrylic paints on canvas.  I think living in Alberta and northern British Columbia for 29 years can do that to a girl, desire bright colours and flowers.

Today, I am playing with combining printmaking and watercolour.  Traditionally prints are hand-pulled on clean, plain, white paper. I am experimenting with strokes of watercolour and placing printed images on top.  The paint is uncontrolled while the print is controlled. The Salish Sea and the bramble covered forest grounds are my new focus for my images. 

I hope you enjoy my visual journey.