Driftwood of the Mind

A Show of Textile Art

by Ilse Leader & Karin Millson

Opening wine & cheese reception

July 13 5-8 pm.

Show continues to August 1, 2018



About Ilse Leader

After our arrival on Salt Spring Island in 1975 I became involved with the Arts and Crafts on the Island through my friend and neighbour Judith Mckenzie. She introduced me to weaving, spinning and dyeing yarns and introduced me to the Salt Spring Islands Weavers and Spinners guild. My former training in Germany, where I was born and grew up, was in the fashion industry. There I learned the art of designing, pattern making and the making of garments. With that background I decided to make garments from hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven fabric. 

Later on I switched over to commercial yarns. Inspired by the beauty of the island and the range of colours one experiences, colour and the finishing of the garments became my trade mark.  After about 35 years of making hand woven garments I had to stop weaving, as my back did not like it. I switched to knitting, which I had used with my woven garments, and created more “one of a kind” garments.

Looking at other ways to make hand made fabric I looked at felting. Judith Dios was giving a workshop in Nuno felting. I was delighted as it promised to give me a new road to travel on. Making garments of hand felted materials. Using the remnants from my hand woven garments. And the next step was not to cut the fabric up into pieces, but use the full size as wall hangings.

About Karin Millson

Karin Millson holds a Ph. D. in micropalaeontology and a Master Craftsman Qualification from the City and Guilds of London.  Her Ph D investigated Ostracods of the Palaeogene of Australasia, her collection is housed in the British Museum of Natural History, London.

She creates mixed media art that is predominantly textile-based. Her work marries her interest in the natural world with a fascination for innovative use of materials and design.

Her art has been exhibited and sold world-wide, with works held in Oman, Europe, North America and Africa.  She recently moved to Saltspring Island.

Apart from her solo art practise she is currently collaborating on a theatre/installation/adult puppet show with Wendy Passmore Godfrey, an artist and puppeteer in Alberta.


I find my work centres itself on creating abstracted representations of subjects often from the living world.  I strive to have the viewer find meaning and pleasure in sculptures, installations and imagery through their own knowledge of the world and, if not, then stimulating their infinite imagination.

Beyond Flowers

Looking Beyond Flowers

Paintings by Susan Haigh,

Ceramic Vases & Stones by Diana Lynn Thompson

Opening Reception Friday June 22, 5-8 pm.

Show runs to Wed July 11. 


Friends and neighbours for 30 years, artists Susan Haigh and Diana Lynn Thompson have  joined forces to present a show titled “Beyond Flowers” at the Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art. Running from June 22nd until July 11th, with an opening from 5pm - 8pm on June 22nd, this is an event not to miss. 

Sharing a deep love and respect for nature each artist has followed her heart and become well known for sincerity and reverence in her art.

Thompson is a well-known environmental artist who has been described as “a pilgrim of wonder in the natural world” and previous installations have been referred to as “profound conceptual and meditative undertakings.” Thompson’s desire for connection and communication with nature is woven throughout her many momentary & ephemeral installations - works that disappear shortly after they are created.

 More recently Diana has been exploring clay. This started with a desire to show that human sensibility is in line with the natural world.  At first she formed ceramic pebbles and stones, then   she moved on to delicate porcelain leaves for one installation and shell shapes for another. 

For this show Diana’s focus has been on vases. A vase, she says, brings its contents to our attention, placing them in clear focus.  Her vases for this show have an organic beauty in their hand-pinched, rolled or coiled construction. Many of them are glazed with local clay and the ash of local trees.  Some are small, offering a background to a single flowers beauty, while others are larger, rougher, ready to balance a full bough.

Susan Haigh has been painting for thirty years, and has a loyal following. She is best known for her vibrant flower paintings, which spill over the sides of her canvas. She has painted apple blossoms, the petals of a rose, or the opening of a peony as if with a close-up lens, bringing the viewer fully inside, plunged into light and colour. Walk into a room with one of Susan’s paintings in it and you feel its presence, offering warmth and pleasure.  There is an honesty in Susan’s painting that is captivating.  She doesn’t try to woo her audience with style or flair – it’s as if she tries to step aside, allowing  her subject to speak for itself.

  Lately Susan has been inspired to do smaller works and focus on trees and the longer view. She first showed her Treescapes at the Salt Spring Gallery last May.  Creating small works in a tall thin format has let her realize a whole new stream of possible compositions.  While in New Zealand for part of this past winter, she painted on paper,  alternating between Salt Spring and Kiwi scenes.  Trying to keep her work loose is a constant battle but she is enjoying the challenge to get to the essence of the natural beauty of the subject and let the light shine through. 

Beyond the contained intimacy of the singular vase, beyond flowers, lies the forest and the field, the mountains and the sea — the spacious breath of the natural world. 

The exhibition will be in the 'A' Space at Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art at 135 McPhillips Ave, 

Motion: Art That Moves

Motion: Art That Moves

Group show

June 8 to 20.

Reception: Friday June 8, 5 to 8pm.
More than 20 Salt Spring artists participating,

A show not to be missed.

Motion is the action or process of moving or being moved, a gesture, gesticulation, sign, signal, action, activity….

To Move is to affect, touch, impress, shake, upset, disturb, make an impression on, stir up, inspire, prompt, stimulate, motivate, provoke, influence, rouse, induce, incite, spin, circle around, fall, fly, crawl, tunnel, dive….


Gallery Artists:

Allison Brodie- painting & metal collage

Carol Newmeyer- jewelry

Cinda Helm- painting

Ilse Leader- textile

Kuno Egger- ceramics

Lisa Lipsett- painting

Paul Robert Bryans- painting

Rolando Lampitoc- painting

Rachel Vadeboncoeur- glass

Sheila Hoen- painting

Susan Haigh- painting


Invited Artists:

Amy Melious- photography www.grainofsand.com

Annie Knoop- painting

Carol James- painting www.carolonsaltspring.com

Celia Meade- painting

Gillian McConnell- installation www.artbygillian.com

Ingrid Korner- painting

Janet Rayner- painting

John Holmes- metalwork

Katie Watts- photography

Melanie Morris- painting  www.mjmorris.art

Robert Steinbach- painting www.robertsteinbachstudio.com

Rosalie Matchett- encaustic painting www.rosaliematchett.com

Sam Barlow- collage

Sam Holmes- metalwork

Simon Morris- sculpture www.sculptorsimonmorris.com

Susan Gordon- painting www.susangordon.ca