Paul Robert Bryans

From an early age I have been inspired to paint and have followed this passion throughout my life, through formal training and several decades of personal exploration and development as an artist. 

My process involves a continuous creative flow, a layering of styles influenced by a pantheon of other cultures and developed into my own self taught methodology. 

 We are bombarded daily with images of the human condition. We live in a time of instant icons, engendering new interpretations of reality at a rapid rate.

In relation to my work,  this sets the stage for a visual dialogue stemming from original thought. My paintings are seeded from the subconscious and developed into allegories one can identify with at many levels, something for each viewer to interpret differently.

 My art has been described as conveying a depth and range of expression, enriching the viewer with a vivid experience.

Paul Robert Bryans

Paul Robert Bryans

Salt Spring Island Landmarks

Inner Passages Project