I have been an artist for as long as I can remember.

    As a child, growing up in Montreal Quebec, I led art workshops at the Community Centre.  After high school I was hired to paint two large acrylic murals as a summer project.  In time, I created 14 wall Batik pieces for a major hospital in Montreal.  Also at that time, and while pursuing my work with Fabric Art as a living, I was able to share my first studio space with a Master Glass artist---Francoise Saliou who taught me the basic skills for doing Stained Glass.  For the first time I was self-sufficient with my art! 

    After moving to BC and sailing up and down Georgia Strait, I discovered Salt Spring Island.  Here my horizon was opened to living an artistic life surrounded by water and my peers.  I care about the planet, live near the ocean and now call Salt Spring Island my home, where I find solace.  I have experience owning, operating, and enjoying my own Studio Galleries (The Crow’s Nest and Spitfire) along with participating in the island’s famous Studio Tours.

    For my art, I use glass in many forms for window panels, sculptures, and mixed-media paintings.  Often the elements in my art are recycled or reclaimed broken objects which I manage to fabricate and transform in my Glass Kiln.  My work is spontaneous, organic, playful and daring.  It is constantly evolving and is also said to be unique and original.  Glass Medium has been my favourite form of art since 2001…but who knows where my heart will take me next!

    I joined the Salt Spring Gallery in 2009; and for the past few years now, have established my “Spitfire” glass shop in the basement of the Gallery building.

   Quoting from author Robert Fritz, I believe “Creating is a matter of Invention, rather than Convention”…and I will happily continue to do so.

You can see more of my work here:www.rachelvadeboncoeur.weebly.com