Well, who’d a thought…?

As a young girl stringing beads for a game of “hop-scotch” would later become a passion for my creating beaded jewelry.  Well it did…I am a professed “self-taught” bead artist…who constantly enjoys developing what is imagined.

In my background my imagination has unknowingly been influenced by my Mother and Grandmother.  They were always busy developing beauty through their crochet, knitting and embroidery projects.  I guess some of their patience and desire to shape their pieces into being has rubbed off on me!

I find the process of weaving beads and crystals into a design very meditative.  My Mantra can sometimes be:  pick up a bead, skip the next bead, and pass through the following bead; embroidering with beads has also been an adventure that I love playing with…again from the inspiration of the wonderful women in my childhood; stringing with gemstones is another of my jewellery creating journeys to what I like to consider as the unfolding of a beautiful masterpiece.

I am constantly amazed at what starts growing through my hands and then “blossoms into life” as a “Work of Art”.

I take great pleasure in fashioning my pieces and believe that what I weave, embroider, or string can be worn with pride for many years to come…so ENJOY your Salt Spring Fancy's jewelry.