Coffee Girls- Paintings by Cinda Helm

November 3-22nd.

Opening Reception

Saturday November 4, 5-7 pm.

    These paintings shown together reveal, individually and collectively; figuratively and literally;  vulnerabilities and strengths In how women are viewed by self;  juxtaposed with how they are viewed by others.  The motivation behind the Coffee Girls is to reflect and celebrate the power, strength, complexity andbeauty of the feminine. The artist is constantly aware, in all phases of creation, that the simplicity of subject matter in these paintings is in stark contrast to their complicated spirit and evocative emotional response.   The Coffee Girls are also fun and exciting to Cinda, and each girl takes on her own personality as she is being composed, decomposed, and painted. 

Coffee Girls poster.png

Cinda Helm's Bio

Born in Hamilton, Montana in 1963, Cinda’s parents moved to Canada in the early 1970’s to pursue a better life for them and their 4 children.  It worked. Cinda grew up on a ranch in Northern BC, north of Fort St. John.  Upon leaving the north, she went to UVIC, obtaining a B.Ed and M.Ed.   Cinda has worked in varied professions over the years; including, but not limited to; banking, teaching, and becoming a emergency medical responder entrepreneur.  She has also enjoyed life in numerous geographies including Northern BC, Victoria, Korea, Seattle, Deep Cove;  finally settling on Salt Spring Island in 2004.  Living on Salt Spring and benefiting from the sense of community offered by the residents of this unique island has provided opportunity and energy for artistic growth.

Cinda occasionally dabbled in watercolour painting for personal pleasure as an amateur before picking up an oil brush in 2012.  That change in medium led to the creation of the Coffee Girl paintings. 

As an admirer of the cubist master Jean Metzinger’s works, she was inspired by his 1911 painting “Tea Time” tocreate a cubist/folk series of powerful, striking, self-confident women; all sharing the connection of a cup of coffee or tea. 

Cinda submitted, for the first time, a painting into a juried show.  She was honoured and delighted to have “Morning Addictions” accepted into the 2017 SSNAP Parallel Art show.

Cinda acknowledges the significant role that exposure to art in many homes, galleries and museums throughout her wanderings; community and afield;  has made to her work. More importantly, however, has been the encouragement and commentary of friends and loved ones which has contributed to her growth as an artist.  Many thanks go out to those individuals who showed kindnesses, provided insight, and supported the vulnerabilities and strengths of this artist as a whole.